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current news...

Old Students Get Together to Form Association: GOSA

FINALLY someone has spoken and taken the initiative. Zimbabwe is currently faced with hardship affecting individuals, families, companies and surely organsiations and institutes. For Secondary and High School education, Zimbabwe's Highest secondary school is no exception to this. The spiralling prices of essentials that once used to be footed by the cash strapped government in conjunction with the now almost defunct SDA (School Development Association) means Goromonzi High is not the school that it once used to be. Deteriorating facilities, diet, lack of reading and writing material etc are seeing the standards fall.

With this view,  former students have taken it upon themselves to begin an Old Students Association. GOSA (Goromonzi Old Students Association) as it has always been known is back.

An email chain has been in circulation and it appears that over 100 former students have already received this email chain and are showing interest in this project.

From initial interpretation it appears that the driving forces behind this email chain are DENNIS MAGAYA AND STANLEY CHIMBODZA, who started off just trying to link up as old friends. Interesting to note that one of Goromonzi High Schools most notable HEADBOYS, LAWRENCE NYENGERAI has shown interest in this project as well.

Notably Dennis Magaya appears to be spearheading things and has identified that ex students are resident throughout the world and has called for people to organise efforts in the areas that they are in. Identified locations are Zimbabwe, South Africa, UK, USA and Canada.

One former student Cosmas Chataika has shown his interest saying

"I think we should put a trust fund to be managed by some reputable firms. On the mailing list there are some guys working for audit firms like kpmg. You want this project to have integrity because you dont want people to have doubts as to whether their monies will be put to good use."

What probably remains is for meetings to be held where a Chairperson will be elected together with a committee, otherwise such a wonderful idea will come to nothing.


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Meetings being proposed Worldwide

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